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How We Drove Over $500K+ in Sales –

In this post, you’re going to see how we achieved results like the ones we’ll show you below using Google ads.

So if you’re trying to get started with Google ads and don’t know where to begin…

…or if you’re trying to decide if Google ads is the right marketing route for you, make sure you read to the very end.

Because today, we’re sharing 4 real Google Ads case studies featuring our clients. Let’s jump right in!

4 Real Google Ads Case Studies

Client #1: Royce

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First on our list of Google case studies is a famous brand of chocolate from the Northern Island of Japan, Hokkaido.

Royce’ was voted as the number one gift item in Japan’s gift-giving culture.

Its ticket to popularity is the unique chocolates, candies, and confections that it offers.

Over the years, their products have now been made available across 14 countries, including the U.S., at which point they hired us to help drive awareness and sales via Google ads.

So, what were the results? 287 conversions resulting in over $13.6 thousand dollars in revenue, giving them a 225.25% ROI.

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Since most people love chocolates, you might be thinking that ROYCE’ would have no problem driving sales!

While yes they have a popular product, that also means that there’s a ton of fierce competition too.

As a result, ROYCE’ decided to employ our services to increase their brand awareness, and of course, to boost their online sales. And we did it!

By using our Google Advertising services, they were able to generate $13,686.90 in revenue.

We made sure that our Google Ads reached their specific target audience by having our ads appear when someone searched one of the relevant keywords we selected,

Moreover, we included copies and CTAs that would entice consumers to buy.

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And by the way, if you’re looking for a professional PPC management agency to handle all of your Google ad campaigns for you to bring in sales sounds good to you too…

…then you can fill out our contact form and get a free, custom marketing proposal and quote to go with it. Link below.

Client #2: The Embroidery Store

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The Embroidery Store is a wholesaler for embroidery supplies.

They have a wide range of products and are known as the leading supplier of embroidery supplies to the commercial embroidery industry.

They came to us after failing to realize profitable sales via Google Ads on their own.

Let’s look at the results. We achieved 99 conversions resulting in over $15 thousand dollars in revenue.

The Embroidery Store offers varied embroidery products.

However since their target market is very specific to businesses that are also in the embroidery industry, they weren’t successful on their first try at Google Advertising.

That’s when they came to us, and our expert ad specialists were able to turn their results around and yield a 162.41% return on investment by A/B testing multiple ads and ad groups.

This highlights the importance of both keyword research and A/B testing.

If you don’t know what keyword research is or you’re totally new to Google ads and want to try your hand at it, you can check out our full guide on Google Ads for beginners.

Now if so far you’re like “I’m not in the ecommerce business” and want to see other Google Ads case studies for businesses in other industries, this next client is for you.

Client #3: Super Lawn Trucks

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Super Lawn Trucks is a producer of unique trucks that are customized to any specifications, depending on the needs and wants of clients.

Their trucks’ features include tool boxes, shelving, an inventory system, a tool storage system, a hydra-ramp and security system, a side dumper, and a maximizer door.

They asked for our help to generate more sales as prior to employing our services, they were using print advertising and trade shows.

Their previous, traditional marketing methods gave them some results but they wanted more, so that’s when they reached out to us.

So let’s look at the results we got for Super Lawn Trucks!

655,355 impressions, 7,942 clicks, and 74 conversions at an average of $178.83 per lead for their top 2 campaigns.

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And it’s important that trucks sell for $5,000-$30,000. So the returns they’re getting on $179 dollar leads is crazy.

The Super Lawn Trucks company offers products that are unique to very specific customers.

That’s why we thought it would be best to use Google advertising…

…where we can target people who are actively searching keywords on Google that are relevant to what Super Lawn Trucks offers.

We also used remarketing to show display ads to people who recently visited their website but didn’t convert into a customer.

And this highlights the power of remarketing, also called retargeting, and leveraging your sales funnel. Don’t let people enter your funnel and then never move after that!

If you’re not retargeting the traffic you’re getting, you’re losing out on people who MIGHT have converted if you’d served ads to them again.

Retargeting can increase your conversion rate by 150% or more!

So don’t waste time, effort, and MONEY getting them to your website, only to let them go by not retargeting them.

Client #4: Indique Hair

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To wrap up our Google Ads case studies, we have here Indique Hair.

Indique Hair takes a unique approach to sourcing, processing, and selling the highest-quality virgin hair extensions to people all around the globe.

Their brand has retail stores across the United States, as well as distributors throughout the U.S, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America.

They came to us to help them increase their brand awareness and purchases.

Now Google ads weren’t the only service we provided for them, but let’s specifically look at their Google ad results.

5,890 conversions that resulted in over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in revenue.

How did we do it?

Because we know website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert, we opted to lift conversions by retargeting website visitors via YouTube ads and Google Remarketing ads.

With visual products like hair extensions, YouTube proved to be a leading revenue driver.

By the way, if you want to learn more about using YouTube ads for your business, here’s what to read next.

Note that all display and YouTube ads were segmented by the product category of the item the potential customer viewed.

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Since Indique Hair is in the beauty industry, we already expected them to have a lot of competitors when they first sought our help.

And because they offer visual products like hair extensions, we knew that we needed to highlight how beautiful their products are to be able to convert more customers.

That’s why our advertising team used Google Remarketing Ads and YouTube ads for their campaigns to retarget people who had already shown interest in their products.

The other important thing to keep in mind here is that they had an ad spend of almost $80,000. You don’t get a lot by spending a little.

Let us say that again for the people in the back, you don’t get a lot by spending a little!

Some of you all saw that 500 number and saw dollar signs with a $300 monthly ad budget.

Once you’ve figured out an ad recipe that works, the biggest thing you can do from there is scale. Scale your budget to scale results.

And spending $80K is totally reasonable when you’re making a 539% ROI like they did!

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Publish Date: 2023-09-12 15:00:26

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